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14th October 2019
ERHUA Marking Matrix
Marking Matrix Explanation14th Sep 2017
ERHUA Membership
Qualification for ERHUA Membership19th Oct 2017
Membership Subscriptions
Membership Subscriptions24th Mar 2017
Fitness Test
Fitness Test Form 2018 / 20197th Jun 2018
Umpiring Radio Sets
Radio Information20th Nov 2015
Radio Letter25th Sep 2017
ERHUA Starter Information17th Jun 2017

Useful Information for Website Users

Pre-Match Preparation
Useful Thoughts Before Your Game21st Sep 2017
Emergency Details Form
Emergency Details Form25th Oct 2018
England Hockey
Transgender12th Aug 2017

Policy for players and umpires

Transgender12th Aug 2017

Guidance for players and umpires

Penalty Stroke Competition2nd Mar 2014

How to Conduct a Penalty Stroke Competition

2019-20 Rule Changes6th Aug 2019
England Hockey Code of Ethics & Behaviour
Red Card and MMO - Word Doc
Red Card and MMO Word Doc - Form from October 201714th Aug 2018
Red Card and MMO PDF Doc - Form from October 201714th Aug 2018
Red card regs - sept 201614th Mar 2017
Behaviour Disrepute Incident Form September 201825th Mar 2019
AGM Minutes
18th July 20182nd Aug 2018
2019 AGM Documents
2019 ERHUA AGM Agenda27th Jun 2019
ERHUA Constitution Proposal at AGM July 2019 - Draft 527th Jun 2019
Position Paper27th Jun 2019
Performance and Development structure27th Jun 2019
2019 AGM Presidents Report9th Jul 2019
2019 A&A AGM Report9th Jul 2019
2019 AGM Chief Coach Report9th Jul 2019
2019 AGM EYUP Report10th Jul 2019
Umpiring Committee Minutes
Minutes 18th July 20182nd Aug 2018
Minutes 24th October 201827th Oct 2018
Minutes 23rd January 201930th Jan 2019
Minutes 20th March 201930th Mar 2019
ERHUA Constitution
ERHUA Constitution amended July 20183rd Aug 2018
A & A Minutes
Minutes 6th Jan 201618th Jan 2016
Minutes 23rd March 20161st Apr 2016
Minutes 4th October 201622nd Oct 2016
Minutes 17th Jan 20173rd Feb 2017
Minutes 28th March 201722nd Jan 2018
Minutes 5th July 201711th Jul 2017
Minutes 3rd Jan 201817th Jan 2018
Minutes 11 Apr 201825th Jul 2018
Minutes 18 Jul 20183rd Aug 2018
Minutes 1st Oct 201816th Oct 2018
Minutes 4th Feb 201918th Feb 2019
Minutes 25 Mar 20199th Apr 2019
EH AGM Resolution
Update 01 - Oct 201826th Oct 2018
PLUM 2018 Presentations

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Award Winners
Details on Individual Awards26th Jun 2016
Award Winners2nd Aug 2018
Long Service Awards2nd Aug 2018
Safeguarding Hockey
Safeguarding Summary for Umpires and Officials2nd Mar 2014
Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey2nd Nov 2017
Creating a Positive Environment for Young People14th Oct 2016
Working with Young Umpire Guidance2nd Nov 2017
General Admin
Umpire Report Form September 201617th Sep 2016
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