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East Region Hockey Umpiring Association18th October 2017
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18th October 2017
19:30Umpiring Committee @ Red Lion Whittlesford

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16th October 2017
Access to Bedford HC - 16th to 30th November ...(with link - click here)
Access to Bedford HC - final mile of journey through Queens Park.

Robert Oakley (, President of Bedford HC) has sent out a notification of a route they have made on Daft Logic Advanced Google Map Distance Calculator. The route name is "Bedford HC route whilst Ford End Rd ...
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Congratulations L2 Watching
After his watching at the weekend i am pleased to say Adam Kendall passed his assessment and is now a L2 umpire .

Ray Allum
A&A Chairman
A huge well done to Nikki Butcher & Matthew Pilgrim who both were successful in the Level 3 watchings over the weekend.

We wish them every future success in their journey with the NPUA.


Barry Smith ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman
8th October 2017
Milestone Match
Congratulations to Chief Coach Grant Douglas who recently completed his 50th ERHUA umpire support match.

Well done Grant.

Barry Smith ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman
24th September 2017
Congratulations L2 Watchings
After their watchings this weekend I have the pleasure in welcoming to the E.R.H.U.A
Annette Golding, Adam Genga, Eliot Bates and Richard Pink who were all successful in their L2 watchings, congratulations to you all.

Ray Allum
A&A Chairman
21st September 2017
Umpire Feedback Form ...(with link - click here)
In previous seasons it has been felt that information regarding teams, facilities and games have not been feed back to the appropriate committees when and where necessary.

There is and has been the ability for umpires to provide feedback using the feedback form on the Information & Download ...
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20th September 2017
Fitness Test Due Date October 1st 2017
All Panel A umpires have until the 1st October 2017 to pass the relevant fitness test.
Please let me know who is watching you before the test! After this date they will be placed on the B Panel.

Many thanks for your co-operation.

Ray Allum
A & A Chairman
18th September 2017
PLUM Thanks
PLUM 2017
A huge thank you to all those that helped with coaching’s and gave feedback over the weekend and to Christian for his talk on the potential use of video analysis in coaching. A particular thank you needs to go to the following for their massive efforts at each of our sites – Barrie ...
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PLUM Volunteers

Following the recent survey regarding PLUM a number of you indicated that you were willing to help out with the running of future PLUM's.

Unfortunately, due to how the survey worked we were unable to identify who these individuals were. Therefore, could those who wish to help with future ...
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14th September 2017
New Marking Matrix ...(with link - click here)

Following discussions at this years AGM & A&A meetings, it has been decided to update the marking matrix and bring it in line with the marking system used throughout England Hockey and beyond!

The new matrix can be found on the Information & Downloads sections of the website ...
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